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Bernard of Hollywood - PIN UPs - Guide to Pin Up Photography

Vintage Prints out of the book PIN UPs published in 1950

in focus Gallery, Cologne, shows 
original vintage prints by Bruno Bernard

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14, 2011 7 - 9.30 pm
Opening hours: up to June 9 Tuesday till Saturday 4 - 8.00 pm
June 14 up to July 21 only by appointment.

Bruno Bernard (born 1911 in Berlin, died 1987), better known as Bernard of Hollywood, went into the USA in 1937 and lived there till he returned to Germany in the 60ties. The Vintage prints, printed in the 40ties and most of them published in the year 1950 in the book „PIN UPs", are coming from Bernards private archive and are now owned by in focus gallery. In the year 1987 the photographs were given as a gift by Bruno Bernard to an old girl friend, who supported him in Germany, when he got old. The original book printed in 1950 and a reprint by Taschen publishers (1999) are on display in the gallery, too.

The World Book Dictionary defines Pin-Up as: "Noun 1. A picture of a very attractive or famous person, pinned up on a wall, as in a barracks, usually by admirers who have not met the subject. 2. A very attractive girl, especially one considered attractive enough to be the subject of such a picture."
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