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Light, Shadow & Chemistry

Photography without camera

Kilian Breier, Pierre Cordier, Esther Hagenmaier, Karl Martin Holzhaeuser, Roger Humbert, Gottfried Jaeger, Floris M. Neusuess, Wendy Paton, Jack Sal, Luigi Veronesi

Opening on Saturday, January 14
th from 7 pm – 9.30 pm.

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Scholz, art-scientist will speak during the opening.


Exhibition ends on February 16th.

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday 4 – 7 pm, Saturday 11 am – 6 pm

As it is manifested in its own name, light is the most important requirement for every photography. Precisely, light and shadow are not only a prerequisite for the final picture, there are also a great challenge for the artists.

With this exhibition the in focus gallery presents photography without camera, today as well as back in the days. It is pure photography based on the very own principle of light and the light sensitive beam. The light stands in the center. It plays an ideal, shaping role: the light as a phenomenon, as contrast to the darkness, as theme and motive, its influence and its immediate impact on objects and used material.

It is the moment of coincidence, which is constitutive for photograms, luminograms and chemigrams. At the manufacture of the photogram the creator only sees the site of the object, which doesn't leaves any traces behind, with luminograms the photographer may operates with the light sources, but he isn't able to estimate the effect in detail and with chemegrams, the ensemble of chemicals on photosensitive paper define the picture as well as the work of the artist does.

These expressive and fascinating uniques result from numerous attempts and come with the years of experience of every artist shown in this exhibition. The photographer of our exhibition 'Light, Shadow and Chemistry' are known to be the relevant representatives for the contemporary photogram-, luminogram- and chemigramart.

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