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Marilyn Monroe - 90th Anniversary. A Life in Pictures.

Marilyn Monroe (* June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California as Norma Jeane Mortenson, baptismal name Norma Jeane Baker; † August 5, 1962 in Brentwood, Los Angeles) was an US-american actress, model, singer and film producer. It was in the 1950s that she should rise as a world star and who later became a film icon and one of the archetypal sex symbols of the 20th century.

 With about 70 works by famous photographers (Eve Arnold, George Barris, Bruno Bernard / Bernard of Hollywood, Edmund Clark, Andre de Dienes, Elliott Erwitt, Arnold Newman, Lawrence Schiller, Sam Shaw, Bert Stern) the in focus gallery documents the life of the young Norma Jeane from 1945 and her transformation into Marilyn Monroe, one of the most outstanding female cult figures of modernism, pop icon and sex symbol whose look is still imitated to this day.

On display are partly very rare recordings such as an early photograph of a chocolate advertising for Valentine's Day, Norma Jeane's first cover photo for an US magazine (Romance), the legendary "flying Skirt" (by Elliott Erwitt and Bernard of Hollywood) for the film "7 year itch" and almost unknown very private photographs of Marilyn Monroe with the significant American writer Carl Sandburg by Arnold Newman and images of the legendary pool scene by Lawrence Schiller.


Happy Birthday lovely Marilyn on your 90th!


A catalog with over 100 pages and about 70 mostly full-page illustrations and a text by Andreas J. Mueller, director of the German Fotomuseum, Markkleeberg / Leipzig will accompany the exhibition.
The sale price is 10 € .


Exhibition opening on Saturday ,
April 9 from 19 - 21.30 hours.

Opening times: April 11 to May 7, 2016

Tue - Fri 16-19 am, Sat 11 - 18

until June 30 only by appointment.


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