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Marilyn Monroe

Eve Arnold, Andre De Dienes, Bruno Bernard

Marilyn Monroe 

rare vintage prints by: Eve Arnold, Bernard of Hollywood & Andre DeDienes

With much perseverance gallery director Burkhard Arnold collected over 40 mostly rare vintage photographs by Eve Arnold, Bruno Bernard and André De Dienes, who belonged to Marilyn Monroe's most famous photographers of the '50s and '60s. 

The photographs from the years 1946 to 1962 documenting the rise of the unknown model Norma Jean Baker to Marilyn Monroe to the acclaimed cult figure of glamorous Hollywood, but also the loneliness and uncertainty of world stars. 
There are pictures of the young Norma Jean Baker, the lover, the sexual icon Marilyn, the movie star and even look at them as a friend - thoughtful, depressing, passionate, funny, easy-to-life. 

The photographer Bruno Bernard (* 1911 born in Berlin, † 1987), photographed girls and stars in the golden age of Hollywood. He became fame by his stage name "Bernard of Hollywood" and is still regarded as the discoverer of Marilyn Monroe. Bruno Bernard met in 1946 on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, a pretty girl. Bernard immediately recognized her special charisma and asked her to be his model. The girl was Norma Jean Baker which named herself later Marilyn Monroe. The first magazine cover photo released by Norma Jean Baker was shot by Bernard. By Bernards relations Marilyn got her first movie contract. 
1954 Bernard scored one of the most famous Monroe images ever. On the set of the "Seven Year Itch", he photographed the scene with the flowing dress on a ventilation shaft. The poses of his models still achieve their effect. Women like the Monroe or Lili St. Cyr were collected only through these images in the Olympus of the pin-up goddesses. Bernard photographed many actors and actresses, as well as strippers and showgirls. Photos that were often censored and considered today as works of art. He was in 1984 the first photographer, who got the Oscar award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Numerous books have been published photographs of Bernard, his photographs of Marilyn in "Requiem for Marilyn", 1986, and 1993 "Bernard of Hollywood's MARILYN", St Martin's Press, New York. 

Almost simultaneously with Bruno Bernard André De Dienes (* 1913 born in Turia / Transylvania, † 1985) a Romanian-born American photographer met Norma Jean Baker. Since 1944, he worked freelance for various studios and photographed many stars including Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Fonda. etc. He soon became known as one of the best glamour photographer. In 1945 he met through the mediation of an agent the 19-year-old Norma Jean, and was immediately fascinated by her youthful freshness and her photogenic sex appeal. A five - week photo tour with the young Norma Jean Baker in California, Nevada and New Mexico ended in a love affair and on covers of numerous magazines around the world, which makes the pin-up girl now a superstar. Even after the end of their romance, both will continue their joint work until end of 1960. Today, De Dienes studies of Monroe are as the best, that exist of her. The photographs by Andre de Dienes were published in more than 20 books in the U.S., England and Germany. Published posthumously in 1985 "Marilyn - mon amour" by de Dienes's memoirs and in 2002 the luxurious picture book "Marilyn" by Taschen publisher. 
The American photographer Eve Arnold (born 1912 in Philadelphia) since 1955 member of the legendary Magnum agency was one of the few photographers who accompanied Marilyn Monroe's life over long distances. Early 50's, when Marilyn was still a starlet hardly noticed, they got to know - and appreciate each other. Eve Arnold's then revolutionary photographic style, natural and unaffected liked the budding star, and integrity that distinguished them as beneficial by the omnipresent photographer soon pack, gave rise to a friendly relationship of trust between the two women. Schirmer / Mosel edition published in 2005 her book "Marilyn Monroe - A tribute by Eve Arnold." 

This exhibition, which is presented by in focus gallery, gives an impressive and extraordinary tribute to the most famous face of the 20 century and offers the visitor a unique and intimate look to the different facets of the world most famous glamour girl.

Opening: Saturday, November 7 th, 2009 at 7 pm.

Opening hours: November 8 till November 21 daily 3 till 7 pm,
November 22 till December 23 only by appointment.

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