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René Groebli

-Retrospective 1946 - 2009-

"René Groebli - Retrospective 1946 - 2009" is a new survey exhibition of extraordinary images from the esteemed Swiss photographer. An important and well-respected mid-century photographer, René Groebli's images have been very influential in the professional world, but his landmark series and beautiful prints may not be familiar to many visitors.

After studying photography with the renowned Swiss master Hans Finsler in Zurich, Groebli then completed formal studies as a documentary film cameraman in 1948, before establishing a flourishing and extensive studio and career in advertising and industrial photography.

In 1949, René Groebli published the landmark and influential photo-essay « Rail Magic »- an extraordinary and startling presentation of movement,emotion and visceral experience through a photo-series. Rail Magic is now acknowledged as a unique and brilliant innovation of style and form in the photo-series. Throughout the following decade, Groebli worked as a photojournalist and in 1954 published another legendary photo-essay - Eye of Love, a love story dedicated to his wife Rita.

In his studio career, Groebli completed many important colour experiments, as well as advertising and documentary projects for major European corporations and institutions, before retiring from professional commercial work in 1981. Since then, he has completed the series Burned Trees, New York, Melancholia, Fantasies and Ireland.

René Groebli's masterful photographic technique, coupled with his innovative themes, has created a body of images that continue to reward our attention today.

The show includes rare vintage prints and later prints. All prints made by the artist. René Groebli will attend the opening on Saturday, January 17, 2009.

Opening hours:
January, 18 till January, 31, 2009, daily 3 p.m. till 7 p.m.,
February, 1 till March 31, 2009 only by appointment.

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