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Burkhard Arnold, in focus Galerie, invited as reviewer to Rhubarb-Rhubarb Fotofestival, Birmingham

1. August - 3. August 2008

Rhubarb-Rhubarb Talks Business - International Review Goes Live

For the eighth year, Rhubarb-Rhubarb, the UK's International Photographic Review, is now live - photographers can book their reviewers on line for the Portfolio Event, on 1st, 2nd and 3rd August 2008.

Now known as Europe's premiere review for photographers, the event has attracted 60 curators, collectors, gallerists, agents and picture editors who will give advice and opportunity for exhibiting, publishing and selling, to around 150 image makers from around the world.

Creative Director, Rhonda Wilson MBE, says, "This year we've been ‘Talkin' Business' at Rhubarb, so its an apt title for the International Photographic Review. We've got our eyes on the major issues for photographers, including branding, economics, copyright and selling and so we've built a programme this year which puts the concerns of the visiting photographers at the core of the event."

‘Talkin' Business' has the very suitable venue of Aston Business School. In addition to the review itself, the event includes a half day seminar on The Value of The Image - on Thursday 31st July, with award winning photographer Simon Roberts, Brighton, UK; Collector of Photographs from George Eastman House, Rochester, USA - Alison Nordstrom, and Image World Future Forecaster - Stephen Mayes, USA. They will discuss what skills are required to stay at the top of the fine art ladder, the world between traditional and new technologies for museum collectors and the effect of the web on copyright and how technologies are impacting on the economics of the image industry.

On Saturday 2nd August at 6pm, the private Portfolio Review will be opened up to the public for the Portfolio Promenade, a chance to view and buy images from the international photographers visiting the event. Rhubarb team members will be on hand to assist nervous or shy buyers and give advice to new or emerging collectors who might want to buy work for individual, public or corporate collections. The event offers a great opportunity for the public or arts interested companies to meet likeminded others - with cocktails, music and a celebratory guest from the fine art world, its not an evening to miss.

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