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  • Ilse Bing, Eiffel Tower, 1934
  • Ilse Bing, Eiffel Tower, 1934

    Ilse Bing, silvergelatine print, 1934 printed in 1983, 11 x 14 in (28 x 35 cm), signed and dated in ink on the front and with pencil on verso.

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  • Bing, Ilse, Pont Trocadero III, 1932
  • Bing, Ilse, Pont Trocadero III, 1932

    Ilse Bing, Pont Alexandre III, Trocadero - Eiffeltower, Paris 1932 printed in 1993, silvergelatine, 11 x 14 in (28 x 35 cm), signed in fron and signed, dated on verso.

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  • Bing, Ilse, Laban School, 1929
  • Bing, Ilse, Laban School, 1929

    Ilse Bing, Laban School, Frankfurt 1929 printed in 1986, silvergelatine, (24 x 12,5 cm), signed in fron and signed, dated on verso.

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  • Ilse Bing (D/USA), Fountain, Paris, 1934
  • Ilse Bing (D/USA), Fountain, Paris, 1934

    Ilse bing, Fountain, Paris, 1934 printed later, silvergelatine baryte print, signed and dated in black ink in front, signed and titled with pencil on back, 35,4 x 28,2 cm, perfect condition. Please ask gallery for price.

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Ilse Bing (1899-1998), (prices for later prints: 2700 € - 4500 €)

American, was born in 1899 in Frankfurt, Germany. She studied art history and mathematics at the universities of Frankfurt and Vienna in the late 1920s. In order to finish her dissertation, she bought a Leica camera and taught herself photography; she fell in love with the art form and by 1930 she was living in Paris and working as a freelance photographer. Along with her assignments, she was also exhibiting her work in important shows and galleries.
Throughout the 1930s, Bing supported herself in Paris through commercial photography. She won a reputation as a photojournalist and fashion photographer and regularly exhibited her work. Her photographs were also promoted in the USA and several were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1937.
During the Second World War, however, Bing had to leave France. She moved to the USA, but as one of many émigré European photographers, found it hard to gain commissions. Eventually she gave up photography in favour of drawing and poetry.

Bing was never afraid to experiment and try new techniques and she did so throughout her career. She was one of the first to solely use a small format camera (Leica) in the 1930s and in 1948 she was one of the few using a Rollieflex 2 1/4-inch negative. She was among the first to use electronic flash, solarize her negatives, and to photograph extensively at night. In 1957 she stopped doing black and white photography and developed and printed her own color work. Then in 1959 she abandoned photography all together and concentrated on painting, poetry and collages. In 1976 she published Numbers in Images and is rediscovered as a photographer by the Museum of Modern Art of New York. In 1982 she published Women from Childhood to Old Age. Her work is in such collections as the San Francisco Museum of Fine Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Chicago Art Institute.

The photographs in this display were mainly taken at the height of Bing's career. They include examples of her early work in Frankfurt as well as some of her finest pieces from the 1930s. Selected from a group of about 20 photographs which were printed in the 1980s and 1990s in response to a revival of interest in Bing's work. All signed, dated and titled.

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Ilse Bing , shows after her death in 1998


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