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  • Connie Imboden, Dead Silences
  • Connie Imboden, Dead Silences

    Connie Imboden, Dead Silences, silvergelatine print, editon of 25 in 16 x 20 in (ca. 40 x 50 cm), signed, dated and titled. Please contact gallery for price.

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  • Connie Imboden, #5802
  • Connie Imboden, #5802

    Connie Imboden, # 5802, silvergelatine print, editon of 25 in 16 x 20 in (ca. 40 x 50 cm), signed, dated and titled. Please contact gallery for price.

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  • Connie Imboden, #6243
  • Connie Imboden, #6243

    Connie Imboden, # 6243, silvergelatine print, editon of 25 in 20 x 24 in (ca. 50 x 60 cm), signed, dated and titled. Please contact gallery for price.

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  • Connie Imboden, #7402
  • Connie Imboden, #7402

    Connie Imboden, #7402, silvergelatine print, editon of 25 in 16 x 20 in (ca. 40 x 50 cm), signed, dated and titled. Please contact gallery for price.

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Connie Imboden , born 1953, USA (prices 1000 € - 5000 €)

studied at the Maryland institutes college of art in Baltimore and at the University of Delaware, Newark. She received the master of Fine Art in 1988 at the university from Delaware. She lives and works in Baltimore and is teacher for art at the college Notre lady, Baltimore. She received a set of prices, under it to 1992 the "town center art grant", Baltimore.
She was exhibitied in extensively in the USA, Italy, Spain, France and in many further countries and her photographs were published in various publications and collected in numerous large public collections. 1992 appeared in France her first, printed in exzellenter quality, Monographie
"Out of Darkness".
In the year 1992 she was considered as the large discovery of the Mois de la photo Paris.

Connie Imboden, an American born photographer, has devoted her career to explore the figure. Her eyes have looked deeper into the investigation of the nude than just about any other photographer. The results are astounding to the viewer, not only with visual beauty and astonishing frankness, but also with metaphorical poetry that connects the world as we know it, to the internal human condition and its wide fan of emotions.

Connie Imboden has investigated the figure through water and reflection, sometimes using mirrors which are scratched and seen through, while being reflected on, creating illusions that articulate the complexities of the human mind. The water images, which use the reflection on the under surface of the water, serve to reform the body, opening up new views to the oldest known subject matter.
It is the methodology that really defines this body of work. Over a period of more than twenty years the progression of images that have been discovered through the lens of this photographer's camera, have served to confront, titillate, disturb, and even arouse. Her unforgivable curiosity has left a record of many powerful and complex images, which have been acquired by collectors and museums all over the world.

This most recent work, to be exhibited at the In Focus, is an important collection of photographs that are soft and irreverent. These gelatin silver prints, which are exquisitely printed by the photographer, are quiet and romantic as well as cathartic and arousing. This body of work is the culmination of a two-year sabbatical, which has resulted in a collection of images that is the crown of her achievement to this point. All of the threads that she has been pulling for twenty years have been gathered and woven into a fabric of exquisite visual and emotional sophistication.

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Throughout the years, Imboden has shown her photographs in an extensive
range of group and solo shows at galleries and museums in Costa Rica,
England, Finland, Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela, and the United

Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Wilmington,DE
Heineman Meyers, Bethesda, MD

Mesa Contemporary Arts Center, Mesa, AZ
Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Valdivia, Chile
Universidad de Chilie, Santiago, Chile
Centro de la Photographie, Lima, Peru

Pine Street Art Works, Burlinton, VM
Museo Metropolitano, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Universidad Mayor, Temeco, Chile
Universidad Arcis, Santiago Chile
Universidad de Chile, Santiago Chile
James Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

Heineman Meyers, Bethesda, MD

in focus Galerie, Köln

in focus Galerie, Köln

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- 1993, Connie Imboden "Out of Darkness"
Silver Medal in Switzerland's "Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt (Most Beautiful Book in the World)"
- 1999, Connie Imboden "Beauty of Darkness", features 80 images of her work produced between 1986
and 1998. It also featured introductions by AD Coleman and Arthur Ollman.
- 1999, Connie Imboden "The Raw Seduction of Flesh", features work produced in 1998 and an
introduction by Mitchell Snow.
- 2001, Imboden "Piercing Illusions". In addition to essays by John Wood and John Weiss, "Piercing
Illusions" features images produced from1998-2000 alongside images printed since "Beauty of
Darkness". The overall effect successfully illustrates a connection between older and newer
work, and puts both into a new context.

In addition to her monographs, Connie's work has appeared in several books and
publications, including "Master Breasts", Aperture Printing, New York, NY 1998;
"Legs", Donna Karan, Inc., General Publishing Group 1997; and "Women Artists",
The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Susan Fisher Sterling, 1995.